Best Chris Brown-Themed Gifts for Your Loving Boyfriend on Valentine's Day

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chris brown puppy.png
Hope this isn't your bf. 
Chris Brown is definitely one of the most famously crappy boyfriends of all time. No matter how sticky sweet he looks smooching Rihanna on the cover of any album, he still beat the crap out of her, and we're all gonna remember forever. 

We've all had romantic partners who suck. Sometimes you get all tied up in relationships with monsters, and you have do things like celebrate Valentine's Day with them. This is why when we stumbled upon a treasure chest of Chris Brown paraphernalia on Etsy, we knew that it necessary to share it with the world.

So if you have a dirtbag partner, here're a few of the finest in Chris Brown shit you can score online and give to your salty lover. There are some serious gems here. 

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This incredible pillow by stitchedtodeath is the perfect place to lay your sad face once you realize what a total asshole you're dating. The Chris Brown quote is something most of us can relate to. But typically, when we say, "I'm so tired of people bringing this past shit up!!!," we mean like the time we tucked our skirt into our underwear and did the chicken noodle soup dance at prom. 

Customclothingart knows what women want. Sweaty feet. 

No, not really. But what is good about these slippers, is that you can stomp on Chris Brown's face once they're removed. 

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