Bluntin' Bieber: Degenerate Pop Star is the Pothead-to-Watch in 2013

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The holidays are over, but Biebz is still all 'bout dem trees. 
Hey everybody, guess who just looooves marijuana.

If you answered Cheech, Chong, the states of Colorado and/or Washington, Puff the Magic Dragon, Snoop Dogg Lion, or President Jimmy Carter, you would be right.

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Justin Bieber Was Allegedly Caught Smoking Weed Before Paparazzo's Death

But in 2013, it seems there's a new sheriff in town. A new sheriff of weed that is.

After the jump, County Grind is proud to present the latest chapter in Justin Bieber's spiral downward into degeneracy.
EXHIBIT A: Bieber and his bevy of blunts.

Le Biebz Smokes Blunts Like It's His Job
Much like that woman-beating heathen Chris Brown, Bieber doesn't just wanna get high all the time. He wants to get high all of the time and he wants you to know every detail. So as Justin descends further down this stoner rabbit-hole, expect all of your newsfeeds to be absolutely saturated with his every last tug off a gravity bong, desperate lip-searing pucker toward a knife-hit, and/or dreamily filtered pictures of an apple turned into a pipe.

EXHIBIT B: TMZ poll indicates that the gossip website is a puff-puff-pass away from shitting it's metaphorical pantaloons.

The Pot-parazzi
Apparently, the more Justin Bieber starts to transform into a hygiene-denying (capital P) Pot-head, the closer TMZ comes to mutating into a pack of rabid hyenas.

EXHIBIT C: Meet the man behind the marijuana a.k.a. Lil' Twist: Justin Bieber's sensimilla sensei.

Lil' Twist is the Jiminy Cricket of Dank Nugs
Pinnochio's famed talking-vermin avatar of guilt was charged with the task of keeping the young puppet on the straight and narrow. Now imagine a bite-sized version of Cash Money, Young Money signee - and Bieber's number one bad influence, Lil' Twist - sitting perched on the singer's shoulder, rolling nonstop bubonic chronic blunts.

Ever Listen to Justin Bieber....On Weed?
Yo, we recommend finding your own personal Lil' Twist, a beanbag chair, and a soundsystem with the above tune cranked to 11.

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