Top Ten Moments of Musicians on Fire, Rock 'n' Roll Infernos, and Pop Pyromania

4. Gene Simmons Deserves to Burn
There is nobody we would rather see swallowed whole (in a single greedy gulp) by luminous combustion than KISS frontman, Gene Simmons. Can we get a Kickstarter going for this or something?

3. James Hetfield's Headbanging Heat
Metallica's frontman reported that his skin sizzled like the bubbling flesh of the Toxic Avenger after he walked into a pyrotechnic canon ball fired during his solo in "Fade to Black." Another fun fact: Not one to cede the spotlight to a man who has incurred potentially life-threatening burns, Axl Rose cut Guns N' Roses headlining set short for no good reason, which, in turn, started a fucking riot.

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Ian Witlen
Ian Witlen

Sorry, I should clarify that I was referring to Skrillex barely setting his hair on fire.

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