Y-100's Jingle Ball 2012 Cures Bieber Fever at in Fort Lauderdale

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And another big shout out to Mr. "Gangnam Style" Psy. Sure, he danced his one and only jam, but it did get the entire stadium up and dancing. Also to hear him say that he "apprectiable America's support" was pretty life changing. 

Another beer and 10 music videos later, Afrojack took the stage. Well, he placed himself of the stage. His speakers weren't working and it took the sound guy about five minutes back in action. We will go ahead and speak for everyone there: Zedd was better. 

And all of a sudden, something in the air changed. Something was coming and yep, it was Justin Bieber. The screams ensued and how do we explain? Well, girls lost their shit. Essentially, our eardrums were busted. "Thank you for coming guys. Sorry, I am sick," he announced to the crowd, lollypop in mouth. "Here comes Ke$ha!" he explained. Yep, that was it. When you are Mr. Bieber, you get paid thousands upon thousand of dollars to come out once. "That is IT" every toddler around me asked. It was. IF you ask us, a half-ass appearance cures Bieber Fever.
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Sayre Berman
Speaking of Ke$sha, she was another personal favorite for us. Sure, she is a hot mess, but her costumes, makeup, backup dancers, and everything else was pretty to die. It was almost as if she went to iTunes, saw her top five most purchased and played them. Tell us you haven't danced to "Blow" or "Tik Tok?" Oh yeah, you cant. If we could ask one thing of her it would be to please, please give up the baby voice. Please.

Then came time for the headliner, Flo Rida. In the year 2012, we have somehow seen him three times. Sure, he puts on a great show. He has high energy, the light show is always Ultra-like and he took his shirt off which no lady will ever complain about. Perhaps we are jaded, but we're over him. If we hear "Whistle" or "Wild One" more one time, we might Flo a bullet right through our head. 

So, If you know any young lady that attended the Y-100 Jingle Ball concert this weekend, stop what you're doing, and give them a call. There is a good chance that little heart of theirs is broken. For any parent that was forced to bring them, you should probably show them some loves as well. There is a good chance their bank account, along with their patience, is broken. 

Critics Notebook:

The Crowd: Thirteen-something tweens, chaperones and a couple of too-old-to-be-there guys that had matching shirts that read "Man Whore."

The Best: Zedd, Enrique Iglesias, Ke$ha, and Psy

The Worst: Justin Bieber and his lack of presence. 

Conclusion: This was officially the longest concert of life. 

- Sheila Roberts

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