Y-100's Jingle Ball 2012 Cures Bieber Fever at in Fort Lauderdale

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Next up was Neon Trees. You might not be able to pick them out of a lineup, but you have danced in your car to their jams "Animal" and "Everybody Talks." We had four favorite performances of the night and they were one of them. Honestly, who doesn't love a kickass girl drummer? 

To make us feel extremely old at 25, two nice young gals named Megan & Liz took the middle of the arena. No, we had no idea who they were and we questioned their baby prostitute-like stockings. But, we judge too soon. While lots of kids sit home and post YouTube videos, their vids actually got them a record contract. They played a couple of covers, their biggest single, "Bad for Me" and whipped out the guitar to show they really do have some talent. But we wont lie, at this point, the boredom starting to set in. Then, here came OneRepublic.
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Sayre Berman
For the gaggle of men, they have been dominating this station for years. In retrospect, their set should have been terribly boring. Lets be honest, most of their songs reference heartbreak and/or sadness of some kind. But lead singer Ryan Tedder killed it. Not leaving one inch of the stage untouched, they played their hits "Apologize", "Secrets" and "Feel Again"; a single that is helping raise money for Save The Children. Good looking, they give back and they were the first band to come out into the audience? We loved.

Perhaps you have heard of the DJ Zedd? You have definitely heard his song "Spectrum" featuring Matthew Koma. Well, he took over center arena. He looks mildly like the kid who would serve your coffee at Starbucks, so we didn't expect much. Let us say it simply that the kid killed it. Laser beams and all, most of the babies in the audience were having their very first fist pump.

So while every is coming off a music high, the staged began to look dark and music videos started to play. Was something wrong? Yes, as we overheard from the sound guy. The artists were running late. Like 30 minutes each late. It was going to be a late night.

After commercials, videos, and God knows what else, Ireland's own Ed Sheeran hit center stage. Imagine if Dave Matthews and Twista had a baby - it would him. This fire crotch played his crowd favorite, "Give Me Love" and fans should expect to see a lot more of him. He and his red hair are hitting the road with Taylor Swift in 2013. 
JB '12 2385.JPG
Sayre Berman
What felt like 19,340 acts later, our boredom had gone from bad to genuinely horrific. We wouldn't say we were as bored as we were on the way to being over it. Note to Y-100: cut some acts down next time. Luckily, Enrique Iglesias was there to save the day. He could have come out and read his mail and every lady in the joint would have died of pure joy. For the first time of the night, a large screen was projecting lyrics of his songs, confetti was flying and smoke machines were pumping out gas making it look like a Snoop Dog tour bus. Thank you, Enrique. Thank you for making this whole evening worthwhile.

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