Y-100's DJ Mack Promises Enrique Iglesias' Full Sex Appeal at Jingle Ball 2012

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South Florida pop radio listeners are in for a special holiday-themed treat, complete with a nice pretty ball of glitter on top. Y-100 is back with another Jingle Ball, the all day concert-palooza featuring some of today's biggest superstars. To top things off, the gravitational pull around PSY might cause Miami to collapse in onto itself this weekend. 

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To get prepared for this sort of end of the earth experience, we chatted it up with Y-100 DJ Mack from the Mack @ Nite show and got the inside scoop on the Biebs and were promised that we'll be unable to resist Enrique Iglesias's natural sex appeal. 

New Times: It is a little hard to tell that it's December, living in South Florida and all. Is there anything Y-100 is planning to do to make it really feel like the holidays?
Mack: Absolutely! We have some surprises. Last year, David Guetta went all out with the stage setup, and there is going to be something very, very cool this year in keeping with that tradition. I would personally like to have flying sleigh, but don't know if that is in the budget. There is going to be a big EDM vibe with Afrojack and Zedd playing, plus we are in Miami, so the stage show will be wild!

Justin Bieber is taking the hosting duties, eh? Does that mean he'll be doing some standup material between sets? Or just talking a little bit before he does his own songs?

To me, Justin Bieber is one of those guys that just has it. Everyone knows him from singing, but he is a really solid, all around talented guy. He is going to bring a different element to the show. We don't have him performing, just hosting. This is one dude that is able to captivate all of Madison Square Garden! He is going to be the perfect host.

Ke$ha is back with a new album and a her new "warrior'" stance. Are you expecting to see a lot of glitter charged Ke$ha party animals in the crowd, or more silent fans?

Are you kidding me? There is going to be glitter everywhere! We have been taking bets on how much we are spending on glitter for the stage show. Ke$ha fans go all out with the full neon and crazy outfits. I think they even rival Gaga fans! I'm really excited to see what her fans bring on Saturday.

New Times saw Enrique with J Lo a few months ago and he put on a helluva unique, uber-sexual show. Does Miami go nuts for this guy or is it just him?

The whole world goes nuts for that guy! I was there with my pregnant wife and she wanted to climb on stage and kiss him. He is a real sex magnet that is going to turn up the sex appeal for Jingle Ball. Ladies and guys all love Enrique; including myself. Every show he takes a fan up from the audience and sings to her, he really gives her a special moment. I talked to him, and I asked if he has ever run into a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend. He said "No way, most of the time the guys are throwing their girls at me!"  He is definitely bringing the sexiness to Jingle Ball.

I read that in Korea, PSY is already a megastar on his 6th album.  Do you think he will be able to pull off a real music career in the US or just become a one-hit-wonder?

I think with social media being the way it is, people want music and it is so easy to find new artists. PSY is a big breakout artist, he has millions of YouTube hits and is breaking records, there is no way you can call him a one hit wonder. Especially now that Justin Beiber's manager, Scooter Braun, is working with him, PSY is set up to be huge! I would love to hear a "Gangnam Style Part II" or maybe even a ballad, who knows? We are super excited to hear everything else he will perform and Jingle Ball.

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Enrique iglesias?   Isnt he like almost 40 years old now?   He needs to wake up to reality and see that his only fans are cougars!  LMFAO  What is he going to sing Her?  Barf bag!   

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