Adam Facenda of True Love Tattoo Is Definitely Not a "One Trick Pony"

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Does that have something to do with the tattoo scene you came up in?

I was taught to be a well-rounded tattooer. The guys who are the most impressive, to other tattooers, are guys who can do anything, and there's not a whole lot out there. I'm not saying I'm the best at anything, but I also don't ever want to be a one trick pony.

It's really amazing stuff that we get to tattoo. We get to put amazing artwork on peoples' bodies and they can either have a horrible tattoo and hate their lives, or have a beautiful tattoo and want to show it off.

Do you think that having tattoos effects certain people's self-esteem?

Yeah, some people aren't proud of the way they look, or they're insecure. But when they get tattooed, now strangers are coming up and talking to them and there's something to talk about! There's kind of a spiritual thing there.

What'd your favorite tattoo story like that?

A lady came in and she found out that her husband was cheating on her, and came in to get a little parrot tattoo on her ankle covered up. She said it reminded her of those days because she was wild and young and gorgeous, and all the men wanted her, but that's when she met her husband. She thought the tattoo was ugly and disgusting now and she hated it and it reminded her of those times. She asked if it could be covered up, but the artist who did it back in the day was super fucking awesome, like an old school Coney Island tattooer or something.

So I told her I could save it and revamp it, but she was just so sad. So together we just wanted to make it look better since it wasn't a "bad" tattoo. So I basically did the tattoo over again, made the colors brighter and the lines thicker...and she loved it.

Did she ever come back?

She did! She came back a couple months later, and I didn't even recognize her! She was standing super tall and confident. She said she came in to thank me because after the tattoo she felt so great about herself that she started going out and putting herself out there, and she met a great guy and got an awesome new job. I happened to be having one of those super bad days questioning why I'm doing this, this is bullshit, no one appreciates a fucking thing I do, and she came in and she saved me that day.

The South Florida Tattoo Social at O'Malley's Sports Bar kicks off at 10 p.m. Sponsored by True Love Tattoo, Black Dagger Tattoo, and No Hard Feelings tattoo, Sailor Jerry Rum and PBR specials will be available all night. Live entertainment by the Reckless Dames, the Goddamn' Hustle, the Shakers, and Modern Day Outlaw will keep the crowd pumped between contests and games TBA. Omalley's Sports Bar is located at 1388 N State Road 7/441, Margate. 

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