Top Ten Not-So-Jolly Holiday Tunes

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Oh, the joyous season! A time when we gather with friends and family, snuggle on the couch with full bellies. Chestnuts roast, and we watch A Charlie Brown Christmas or the Wizard of Oz. Andy Williams sums it up best with his 1962 classic: "It's the most wonderful time of the year." 

Yes, indeed it is wondrous for many, but not all. So many of us have shed tears in our eggnog, haven't we? This time of happiness can be extra lonely/frustrating/alienating for those of us without a family/significant other/job. Not everyone experiences the rush of holiday cheer. Some of us want to throw eggs at Christmas carolers, or at mini vans with those obnoxious reindeer antlers.

With that in mind, let's wallow in self-pity together and listen to the ultimate not-so-jolly holiday songs. Check out our list of the 10 most unhappy holiday songs after the jump. 

10. James Brown - "Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto"
This track is confusing because it's so infectious, and who can get bummed-out with James Brown's upbeat, whip-smart delivery? Peel back the funky onion though, and you hear the King of Soul shedding light on the class division that exists in our country.

9 John Prine - "Christmas in Prison" 
With raspy vocals and a hauntingly charming aura, Prine's track off his 1973 album Sweet Revenge is the ideal song for a totally bummer Christmas. The song's protagonist is locked up in the big house and yearning for the girl who "flows in his veins." And you thought you had it bad, eh?

8. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - "Cold White Christmas" 
The moniker for this lo-fi solo project for Owen Ashworth already hints at the misery that will ensue after pressing play. In the song, a twenty-something is having an epic downer of a holiday. He's stuck in a rundown apartment in Minnesota, struggling to make ends meet with a dead-end job at a fast food joint, and not having enough coin to travel to see family. How does he deal with the sorrow, a beer for breakfast, of course. 

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