Top Five S.S. Coachella Acts You Shouldn't Miss

4. Grimes
Some may think she's all hype, but Grimes has proven time and time again that the praise is justified. Her latest album, Visions, is easily a top contender of ours for best album of 2012. She's also sneaked in and out of Miami a few times to perform (last time it was at Bardot), before she hit it big with tracks like "Oblivion" and "Genesis."

3. Hot Chip
This is more personal than anything. We've never, ever, seen Hot Chip live. It's on our bucket list, but they're making it quite hard for us to accomplish. Just when we thought we'd get to see them perform in South Florida, they go ahead and do so on a boat that we won't be on. (Tracy, take lots of pictures!)

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