Top Five Holy Ship!! Acts You Shouldn't Miss

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3. Night Slugs Party
The British label, Night Slugs, changed dance music forever. Theirs was such a new and fresh sound that producers are still trying to rip off their style. But they never seem to get it quite right. 

I can name a million reasons you should go see them, but I'll keep it short and sweet. All of them are incredible DJs on their own, but when they play together, these guys form a Voltron force to create a magical vibe. Go, and dance hard. The next morning you'll feel like you took a boot camp class. 

2. Nadastrom and Sabo
Speaking of vibes, these guys invented a genre. How many people can say they've done that? Moombahton took off like crazy, and these guys are steering the ship. The Moombahton ship that is... They aren't steering the Holy Ship!! That would be actually insane. Dave Nada, Matt Nordstrom, and Sabo are the big bosses of the nu-Dembow, and I promise you, the room they're playing will be quite the floating fiesta. 

1. Eats Everything
Dirtybird Records also has their own disco onboard. Booty-shaking house music is where it's at with them, and Claude Von Stroke, J.Phlip, and Justin Martin have never let me down. However, I've yet to see one of their newer additions named Eats Everything. To be adopted into Dirtybird, this guy must be rad. His bass heavy bangers are the perfect fit for a sloppy, starry late night set.

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