Top Ten Music Videos That Could Be Considered Works of Art

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Don't cry, Black Jesus! You and Madonna made the cut. 
Every Art Basel, we spend so much time gawking at completely indecipherable mounds of garbage and analyzing people acting like diseased mimes that it's hard to turn off the ol' art goggles, even after we've been kicked out of the gallery for lining the pockets of our pantaloons with cubes of cheese.

Figure in the deluge of flash murals and pop-up public art and it becomes increasingly difficult to separate the transcendental objects from the regular ones. 

Here are ten music videos that deserve to be projected in the fucking Guggenheim. 

10. The Buggles - "Video Killed the Radio Star" (1979)
What better place to begin then at the beginning. This was the first video ever broadcast on Music TeleVision. And its self-manifesting lyrical content set an early precedent for the medium's embrace of pomo/meta concepts.

9. Björk - "All Is Full of Love" (1999)
Uh, everything Björk produces, touches, or is even remotely aware of can be considered a fucking masterpiece. This includes the mucus she expels from her hairy nostrils and the doo doo brown that leaks from her booty. The various ass-kickings she has doled out to paparazzi over the years is some of the finest performance art we've seen since that one guy mic'd himself beating off under the gallery.

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