Top Ten Gay 2013 New Year's Eve Parties in Fort Lauderdale

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3. Boardwalk
Boardwalk is bringing the drag from 2012 to 2013, and we ain't mad at them 'bout it. World-famous Chi Chi La Rue is bringing all of her sensual, sexual, cross-dressing superpowers to the club for this Masquerade Ball. Masks encouraged, shirts are not. 

2. Club Cinema
It's like we've been saying forever, size matters! Club Cinema knows that, and, as of Monday, is becoming a big ol' gay club, claiming to be the biggest gay complex ever. Yes, Rick Ross performed there like three days ago, but out with the Bawse, in with Misty Eyes! 

1. The Manor
We have not much more to say but: One Night in Bangcock. Doesn't get campier than that! Dress like Auntie Mame and dance like you're the queen of the universe to David Knapp, who's bringing the Kylie Minogue, Cee-Lo and Gaga with him into 2013. 

Happy New Year! 

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Looks like we got a whole lotta gay folk in Fort Lauderdale!

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