Top Ten Gay 2013 New Year's Eve Parties in Fort Lauderdale

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7. The Stable
Queers and steers aren't just in Texas. We've got some of our own in SoFla. The Stable promises their hottest men, and the stiffest drinks. Maybe even some of the stiffest hottest mean? If so, we're there. 

6. Village Pub
Gay girls and boys, the Village Pub is promising a mojito filled New Year's Eve. We're pretty certain you'll end up on another planet with the hypnotic visuals and sounds of VJ Galaxy. 

5. Scandals Saloon
For the dedicated cowboy, Scandals is offering a countrified queer NYE. Line dance your way into 2013 with your fellow whipmaster. 

4. Bill's
Bill's offers one of the more cleverly titled NYE parties in town: Beary New Year. While the twinks can chill over at Johnny's, the bears, otters, and cubs will find a very furry armpit to snuggle in when the ball drops. Also, they'll be counting down the year with 2012's top hits. Frank Ocean better be on that list. 

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Looks like we got a whole lotta gay folk in Fort Lauderdale!

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