Top Ten Gay 2013 New Year's Eve Parties in Fort Lauderdale

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Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, specifically, is the new throbbing groin of the gay world. It's where all the queers around the globe rest their well coiffed heads when in our oddly shaped shape. What South Beach was in the late '90s, Wilton Manors is in the aughts, though a little grayer, and with a lot less model hags. 

Most in the area already know where they're kickin' it this New Year's Eve, but we thought we'd do a little digging to find the hottest gay parties in Fort Lauderdale. And what'd we find? Well, quite a bit for everyone from the tiniest twink to the beariest bear. Keep on clicking. 

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10. Boom, New York Style
Located just steps from Gay Mart, Boom offers all the scope of a New York mega-club and the intimacies of a Broward bungalow. If you have a fear of balloons, watch out, cause they're dropping at midnight at this Manhattan-lovin' extravaganza. 

9. Johnny's 
Everyone loves the go-go boys at Johnny's, unless you're into burly bears. They're bringing out their sexiest topless dudes to shake their junk in your faces to ring in 2013. VIP champagne service isn't bad at all. It's only $69... oh, wait, we get it. And besides that, on the first, you can go to their Well Hung Over party for a cheap-o lap dance. 

8. Rosie's Bar and Grill
The Mayans aren't, but we're still here. And as the calendar continues, so does the grumbling of our bellies. Rosie's, everyone's favorite queer-friendly bunch spot, has a special menu for the holiday, and they didn't leave off the champagne or lobster either. 

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Looks like we got a whole lotta gay folk in Fort Lauderdale!

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