Thurston Moore, Rat Bastard, and Kenny Millions Play Art Basel House Show (VIDEO)

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MonstrO guitarist Juan Montoya and DJ Alex Caso were in attendance, as were an assortment of musicians, people in band tees, Japanese girls, old guys, and gutter punks. Moore was on his knees, messing with pedals during the second song when Kenny Millions was tackled and thrown around the room by a rowdy crowd like a perverted teddy bear. 

thurston moore kenny millions.JPG
Buddy pic. 

After the madness, there was more madness with Crucial Taunt, who'd just come from the Spin party at Wynwood's newest bar Gramps, to make more angry noise at the Jelly's place. Drummer Max (Michele Kane) rested her legs on the bass drum while she pounded away with her sticks. Autumn Casey yelled into the mic and bounced around while Luciano Guidini cockily sauntered up to people in the crowd, setting his instrument on people's bodies.

Moore watched on approvingly, or so it seemed, though he mighta made a funny face when Guidini blew snot rockets into the mic. People left Moore alone for a short period, then attacked him with fanboy/girl conversations. He signed one guy's Sonic Youth jacket "love life." The Cost closed out the night and somewhere in there, Moore must have left to go back to loving life elsewhere. 
kenny millions.JPG

On a personal note: While photographing with my iPhone and videotaping with my camera at the same time (yes, that's what I did), my glasses got knocked off. I spent like two minutes on all fours trying to find them in the dark. It took forever and a head hit or two for someone to help me retrieve them. Thank you to that person, and the rest of you... Not nice. 

Oh, and this was the most awesome thing I've seen, maybe ever.  

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