Surfer Blood's Thomas Fekete Proves That This Band Is Not a Bunch of "Dicks"

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I remember back when we used to tweet, we would only do it after we felt that we were getting dicked over in some way. There was a lot of that. Imagine our situation, three guys who were suddenly thrown into this amazing situation, yet none of us had any experience with the music industry. None of our parents were involved with the music industry. This group of people at the time looked at us and said, "Well, here are a bunch of naive kids, let's bank while we can," and that's exactly what happened. 

Suddenly we were forced to fire off anyone who wasn't in this little circle. It got really weird. I remember seeing a friends band in Brighton and telling them we had just got off a 70 day tour and our opener made more than we did, and they looked so shocked. We were laughing about it at the time, but we suddenly really started feeling like we were being taken advantage of. Hell, we have never really talked about this, but we had our Warner Brothers contract dropped off by a random person at the airport on our way to Australia. I wasn't concerned with money at the time, but I was in a lot of debt from being in the band. 

I'll never forget signing the contract and walking to the plane in silence, like... What the fuck did we just do? I hope we did the right thing? I have no idea what that thing even said. I cannot begin to tell you how left in the dark we were. We would never have thought that anyone working for us would hurt us, but they did. I'll stop there though. Honestly, I am still afraid of some of those people. Luckily, we have been with a new team for a year now and we love them. It feels like more of a family than a business. It's what we needed. And having a label like Warner behind us is exciting.

How do you spend a typical day? 

I am the freak who wakes up at 8 a.m. everyday, full of energy. It drives the other dudes nuts. Off tour I generally wake up early, walk around for a while, track down some vegan food for lunch, play a bit of guitar or jam with friends, and fall asleep to a movie. I don't think I've finished a movie in half a year. Or I go to work. I've been really mellow. I have a whole new appreciation for what I have. Two years ago this answer would have looked a lot different.

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