S.S. Coachella: 10 Things You Must Bring on the Cruise

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7. Fake Tan Lotion with SPF
All the northern cruisers, white and pasty from a long winter, will not be able to give you their judgmental glares without this important protection. When you don't know the band playing or you loudly question the "Friend Who Knows More About Music Than You Do" what group that guy James Murphy was in, tanning lotion will keep you looking do-able though dumb. 


3. Bonine
For the pukey seasick folk like yours truly, Bonine'll hopefully do the trick, or I'll be losing a lot of weight on the S.S. Coachella.

2. Camera
To document all of the embarrassing follies of your cruise companions and record performances that'll never leave your camera. It'll just make you feel "a part of it all." 


1. Stretchy Pants
'Cause as long as your stomach is good, you know you're gonna eat like there's no tomorrow. This is why people cruise. To eat. Long live the stretchy pants! 

Bon voyage, Coachella cruisers!

S.S. Coachella: With Girl Talk, Pulp, Hot Chip, Yeasayer, Sleigh Bells, and others. Bahamas voyage from December 16 to 19, and Jamaica voyage, December 19 to 23, Port Everglades, 1850 Eller Drive, Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $500 to $1,500. Visit ss.coachella.com.

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"Bathing suit lounging is the great leveler" Ha! Have fun you lucky girl.

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