S.S. Coachella: 10 Things You Must Bring on the Cruise

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Do you think it'll be corny to yell out, "ahoy matey" at everyone I meet once aboard the S.S. Coachella? No, right? It's totally cool. Coachella cool. 

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This Sunday evening, the cruise ship filled with musical acts fit for the classic desert Coachella stage, like Pulp and Hot Chip, sets sail from Port Everglades. And I'm gonna be on that ship. It's never too late for a first time cruise, and this will be mine. I put together this list of stuff I think'll come in handy on the high seas, but I'm totally open to suggestions and criticisms in the comments. Like maybe I should say "aaarrghhhh" instead of "ahoy?" Click on for some other great S.S. Coachella ideas and what to bring on this maiden voyage. 

10. Ear Plugs
Are boats like airplanes? Do your ears pop with the champagne bottles as you float away from shore? I don't think so. But with acts like Girl Talk and Sleigh Bells onboard, there's a good chance your ears will burst from all that big noise or those brilliant beats. 

Ear plugs today are the best friend of your ears 40 years from now. 

my hat.JPG
9. Hat
Good God, there's nothing more stylistically horrifying than those wide-brimmed floppy hats the "hip" girls are wearing these days. In their flowing, floor length dresses, and huge clonking wedges, they're always in a state of "cool" that causes others to shutter or drool. 

But on the S.S. Coachella, you're gonna need a hat. A baseball cap might be too little league. A cowboy hat too late '90s Madonna. I got an old beaut I bought at Zion National Park that'll do just fine! I'm dustin' that off right now. 

8. Goofy Clothing
Since cell phones don't work out there in international seas, wearing your most crazy getups'll get you to your cruise mate faster than just yelling and walking around without direction and tears in your eyes. 

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"Bathing suit lounging is the great leveler" Ha! Have fun you lucky girl.

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