Music to Look Forward to in 2013

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Now that we've outlasted the Mayan calendar, we can dare to peek ahead and see what music there is to look forward to in 2013. 

Obviously this is a subjective list coming from one South Floridian's perspective, so you will have to go elsewhere to read about Justin Bieber finally playing a concert in Turkey. 

Without further ado, in chronological order...

January 10  
The Darkness at Revolution 
This British glam-rock band reportedly put on a legendary theatrical show. Though it never caught on in the States as it did in the U.K., seeing if singer Justin Hawkins can hit the falsetto notes of its biggest hit, "I Believe in a Thing Called Love," should be worth the price of admission alone. 

January 15 
The new Yo La Tengo album Fade 
The veteran indie rock trio Yo La Tengo aged gracefully the way few bands do. Even under heavy distortion, there's always a melody to be found in the songs. The first track, "Ohm," off the lucky 13th album from the Hoboken group could have been a hidden track from any of their previous works.   

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