Five Bands That Sucked More with New Singers; Misfits' Michele Graves Plays Propaganda

2. Lynyrd Skynyrd 
Bands that replace their lead singers frequently do so under tragic circumstances, and Skynyrd's is certainly one of the most tragic tales in all of rock music. For the uninformed, a plane crash took the lives of most of this unit in 1977. They got back together ten years later, replacing late vocalist Ronnie Van Zant with kid brother (and carbon copy) Johnny Van Zant. The band's only current original member is Gary Rossington -- everyone else is dead or a registered sex offender. 

3. Genesis 
County Grind contributors have been known to get drunk and dance to "Sussudio," just like your parents, but it's a scientific fact that Genesis was a better band when they were weaving progressive rock masterworks with Peter Gabriel's gossamer croon, wild costumes, and flute solos leading the charge. 

The pop music they made when Phil "the Shill" Collins came out from behind the skins simply pales in compare. There is a reason, after all, that no one has put together a touring tribute to the Collins-lead era of Genesis.  


4. AC/DC 
Yeah, Back in Black is the second best-selling record of all time. However, we think if Bon Scott had been alive to record the album, he had started writing with the band, it might be number one. We challenge you to listen to an entire Brian Johnson-era AC/DC record (that isn't Back in Black) the entire way through and not get just a little bummed that Bon Scott drank himself to death. 

5. Van Halen (again)
While the Sammy Hagar version of Van Halen truly stunk compared to the golden-era-Diamond-Dave lineup, the record the band did with former Extreme vocalist, Gary Cherone, in the '90s made Van Hagar sound like Led Zeppelin. So bad was Van Halen a la Cherone, that the group earns the distinct honor of bookending our list. Also, just try to find a better music video. 

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