Five Bands That Sucked More with New Singers; Misfits' Michele Graves Plays Propaganda

It's pretty common for fans of the Misfits to shit on anything the band did following the departure of Glenn Danzig. All things considered, the re-animated Misfits was a totally different Frankenstein's monster than the original lineup, but we here at County Grind are secure enough to admit that there really is no such thing as a "guilty pleasure," and as such we submit that the Misfits albums featuring Michale Graves' velveteen croon were really fun records! They've got chugging guitars, pounding drums, plenty of horror film references, and more "whoa-oh-ohs" than you can shake a clenched fist at. 

And besides, there are plenty of legendary bands that continued to make records and tour with a fresh face on lead vox that sucked exponentially more relative to their previous lineups than the Graves era Misfits. Just to prove that point, here's a completely useless list to distract you from whatever constructive things you had planned to do on the internet today. 

1. Van Halen 
You've probably seen Airheads, and if not, you've definitely heard a Van Halen track featuring Sammy Hagar on lead vocals. Truth be told, I (sorry to break the fourth wall, but I cannot implicate others in my sins against good taste) enjoy the Van Hagar era of Van Halen. It's not really my fault, I was too young to know any better. However, even as a fan, I will admit that the original lineup was entirely superior to the Van Hagar lineup. Someone once said that the biggest problem with the change was that Van Hagar wrote love songs, while Roth wrote lust songs. 

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