Metro Zu's Poshstronaut Hates Rappers, Loves Women

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We asked who he is then Poshtronaut answers, "I'm just a cool-ass dude, very laid back." He prefers the company of women. "I don't really chill with a lot of dudes. Dudes smell bad. I'm all about chilling with girls. I like their energy, the estrogen in the air. It's beautiful." And it comes through in his sound. Postraunaut says recently his beats are influenced by "all the goddesses in the world." Adding, "There's something beautiful about every one of them." Everybody loves a ladies man. 

Next up, he's working with Mark Maturah to executive-produce Denzel Curry's album. He's got things in the works with Broward native Bank$ as well. 

"We have a lot of shit going on," he says of this week of craziness, assuring us that they're here to "show everybody how good we are and our talent." There's no excuse to miss them this week. And, also, not a single good reason to either. 

Catch them tonight, December 6, at 8 p.m., 18 and older, at the C$PG party with Robb Bank$, Chalk, Shuttle Life, and O'Grime, at the Electric Pickle, 2826, N. Miami Ave., Miami. Entrance is $10. 

Spin NQB8R party, 4 p.m. December 7 at Gramps, 176 NW 24th St., Miami.

Lamborghini Live curated by Primary Flight, 8 p.m. December 7 at Mokai 235 23rd St., Miami Beach. 


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Electric Pickle

2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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This is among the most poorly written articles I've ever read.

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