Kim Kardashian is Pregnant! Kanye Tells the World; Still Partying in Vegas on New Year's Eve

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Yup, big-mouth Kanye couldn't stop his yapping-trap from telling an Atlantic City crowd -- and thus the entire universe -- that Kim Kardashian, his "baby mama," is preggers. 

West called out his Kardashian as such last night, surprising even her. At only 12-weeks knocked up, they'd apparently planned to not tell everyone Taylor-Swift-VMA-style. But instead of ripping Kanye's face off, Kim was crying happy tears. Probably elated, anticipating all the attention coming her way.    

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If anyone'd have spilled beans these big, we'd have guessed it'd have been pushy promoter mom Kris. But no, it was Kanye. Sources say the family knew, but managed to restrain themselves from tweeting about the whole affair. 

Wonder if Kanye's gonna write a song called "perfect bitch baby?" 

Not only that, but we found out just a few minutes ago, thanks to TMZ, that the future mom is still planning on getting down on New Year's Eve at Vegas club 1 Oak. It's for the dough though, not the drugs, but that little unborn beast is gonna have to get used to the unusual. 

Congrats to our neighbors down south! 

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Happy New Year!  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seems like a happy couple. Best wishes for the upcoming baby. We should read good books this year.


lol are they even married? Dayum, that didnt take long.

dantevida topcommenter

a black gypsy, how cute

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