Jewish Christmas Carols: Seven Christmas Songs Written by Jews

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Christmas can be a lonely time for Jews. Sure we've got Chanukah, but spinning a top and eating root vegetables pancakes doesn't really make you feel a part of things, especially when everyone else is decorating trees with candy and waiting for a bearded man to cheerfully deliver their greatest material desires. 

But there is one Christmas pastime that Jews have been a major part of, writing and singing Christmas carols. Whether this pattern is out of a need to assimilate, to find a wider audience than Chanukah tunes would ever get, or to pay homage to a fellow Jew's birthday, here's a list of  some of the most beloved Christmas songs not written by Christians. 

7. "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch" 
Music by Albert Hague (born Albert Mancuse)

Though the lyrics were written by the gentile Dr. Seuss, only someone with memories of growing up Jewish and converting into Christianity could vilify people lacking Christmas spirit so succinctly.

6. "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" 
Music by Jule Styne (born Julius Kerwin Stein), Lyrics by Sammy Cohn (born Samuel Cohen)

The song doesn't once mention Christmas, and with lyrics like: "The lights are turned way down low," "Let It Snow" seems more like something out of the Barry White catalog. But you'll never hear it past December 25, making this a full fledged Christmas Carol. 

Bonus: here's a stellar re-imagining by Boyz II Men.

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