Holy Ship!!: A List of Things You Must Bring on the Cruise

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4. Snacks
Bring your favorite snacks. You are not going to want to be in that cafeteria at 4 a.m. when you have the munchies and everyone else is out of their mind. Look at this video of A-Trak just trying to get some late night food.

Ian Witlen
3. Costumes
The theme nights on this cruise are no joke. Everyone went all out last year. I was really impressed. Note the guy in the video up there, dressed like a giant parrot on pirate night. I was so jealous.

Ian Witlen
Maybe I'm not packing any actual women in my bag, but I definitely convinced a few girl friends to go. These events need more ladies. I am on it!

Ian Witlen
Not gym clothes. 
1. Gym Clothes
I like to convince myself that I am going to work out in that beautiful gym and be healthy, when we all know that's never going to happen. But for some reason, if I just pack my sneakers, I'll feel good about myself. 

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