Holy Ship!!: 12th Planet Admits 2012 "Ultra with Skrillex" Best Show Ever

And did the ladies appreciate it? It is sexy! What can you tell us about "trapstep?"

[laughs] Trapstep is like, trap and dubstep mixed together. It's not so much straight forward trap, but its more like minimal dubstep with 808s 'n stuff.

I don't think most people in the world have figured out what trap is, and now to add dubstep to the mix! It offers a nice balance to both genres though.

Yeah, it's like people forgot that trap comes from rap. Pimp C is probably turning over in his grave right now. 

And did you grow up listening to hip-hop too?

I come from the MTV generation, so I grew up listening to really whatever came on that channel and BET. Like G'N'R and Motley Crew, Ice Cube, Onyx, Pharcyde, shit like that.

And what do you listen to now, only what you produce or make?

I try and keep an open mind when it comes to music. Sometimes I'll hear stuff, and I will search for the artist who made it, but then I find myself stalking that artist like on Wiki, and trying to find out every album that person has done, and collaborations, and so on and so forth. So I guess I just listen to the music me and my friends make the most, because then I would just get sucked into some never ending vortex of learning about shit I really don't need to learn about.

Will this be your first Holy Ship!!?

Yes. First voyage for me. First cruise.

And are you worried about performing at sea?

Oh, I am built for it [laughs], I can DJ pretty much dead. 

That's a great skill for a DJ to have!

[laughs] If only Jim Morrison had it!

Aw, I know... OK, one last question. What would you say was your worst gig or your best gig ever?

That's a good question. Best gig ever was probably Ultra with Skrillex this year. That was huge. Worst gig was probably my 21st birthday when someone gave me a shot of tequilla and I thought it was a different shot. I puked all over my self mid-mix. Tequila shots'll get ya!

Holy Ship!! pre-party on Jan. 3, Revolution Live, 100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Holy Ship!! Sets sail Jan 4 to 7 from Port Everglades, 1850 Eller Drive, Fort Lauderdale. 

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