Five Reasons You Should Care About Art Basel Miami Beach

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Courtesy of Luis de Jesus Los Angles
Zackary Drucker at Least You Know You Exist, 2011, Pulse Art Fair, Booth B-102
Listen up, Broward and Palm Beach counties! I know what you're thinking: Who the hell cares about this Art Basel bullcrap?! Well, the answer is: You! Well, you should, at least. 

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Simon Doonan might be pooing all over the art fair on Slate, but personally, it don't matter all that much what he thinks. This fair is a gift that's been given to South Florida. Whether or not you're also "over this shit," the main attraction and surrounding events offer us locals and semilocals endless opportunities for growth, learning, and crazy, drunken, free fun! 

Here are five really good reasons Art Basel Miami Beach matters and should matter to you.  

following the line.jpg
5. Girl's Club of Fort Lauderdale at Pulse
If you're not familiar with this foundation and art space, you're in luck! Not only have we now just informed you about its existence but we're also letting you know that the Girl's Club has set up a booth at Pulse Art Fair, which takes place this week in Miami.

Founded in 2006 by Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz, Girl's Club focuses on nurturing female artists and culture in Fort Lauderdale. The booth at the fair is consistent with its mission. Work by Julie Davidow from its latest exhibition, dedicated to drawing and curated by Carol Jazzar, "Following the Line" will be featured in a site-specific installation. 

While at Pulse, you'll see so much art, and some of it even good! Check out Miami galleries like Dorsch, and enjoy the beautiful grounds of the Ice Palace, which has played host to many a crazy rave in the past. 

Supporting Broward in Miami is seriously important. 

Pulse Art Fair, Girl's Club at Booth P1, Pulse Miami, 1400 N. Miami Ave., Miami. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday to Sunday. Visit

4. Your chance to see art that's worth seeing
Art is awesome. Seriously. You may not "get it," but you don't have to. You just have to experience it and process it in your own way.  

Right now, the Miami Beach Convention Center is brimming with work from some of the most ridiculously famous contemporary artists. You'd have to fly all over the world like a billion times to see this much quality work. And right now, it's only like an hour's drive from your front door and it costs $42 or $29 (after 4 p.m.). There are group rates, school rates; Sunday is cheaper. I mean, these people want you to see art, and you should take them up on that opportunity. 

Taste the deliciousness of culture. 

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