Dino Felipe, "Like a Snake Biting Its Tail," Returns to His Rock Roots with Rockettes

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What role does music play in your spirituality?

I mean, not radio music, that's a whole other topic/machine music. I make music for myself. It helps me. I am not selfish. I love, love to share this with close friends. And if they like it, then it's even more of a phenomenon. Like a transmitter. If someone can feel, in an audience, or via speakers, or whatnot, what I am transmitting, then that is a whole other phenomenon which I am highly interested in. That's actually the reason music drew me to it. When I was six, I guess, I made some bad Madonna-meets-the-Shaggs songs on a tape recorder.

It's like the transmission, the connection that you love.

I think music is a form of communication like any other art form. Of course, a listener can tell when there are emotional transmissions involved/or not. But, in my albums that revolve around the instrument or vocal theme, I make my voice an instrument. I don't raise the vocals so that people can tell what I am saying. I'd prefer them to make up their own lyrics that apply to them. But in the case of this release, there will be some lyrics on the insert of the LP. I consider my lyrics rather private, like a diary, but that is not the reason I lower their volume. I just want the voice to be an instrument.

Sometimes I like the lyrics I make up better than the real ones! So I think that's generous of you!

Thank you.

What number album is this for you?

Wow, I lost track. Wiki might help. Perhaps 57 to 58? (unrepeated tracks) well, this includes my old bands and collaborations. It's not, as you know, quantity but quality, and I aint talking audio quality. Cheap software is my forte. 

I been stumped actually for a few years, as far as how much music I make. For me, that is like eating. I haven't eaten as much as I usually do in years. But I record when "able." Art, I doodle all the time, sits in my room. And it's happy there. I've been playing more than creating, but I enjoy that too, the transmission.

Check back on the Tachyons Records site to pre-purchase a copy of Rockettes and visit Radio-Active Records and Sweat Records to pick one up in person. 

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