Dino Felipe, "Like a Snake Biting Its Tail," Returns to His Rock Roots with Rockettes

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The illustrious, brilliant Dino Felipe is anything but musically predictable. He's also one of the most prolific artists and interesting people you'll ever encounter, if you're fortunate enough to encounter him yourself. 

Thanks to Tachyons Records, with Rockettes, the Felipe will have released over 55 albums. It's soon to be pressed on what the Miami-native calls: "DIY vinyl. The finest." He's thrilled this will be Tachyons' first release. 

"I am very happy with this one," Felipe admits of his collection of songs created over the past four years, "This is a rare thing for a defeatist like me." 

Though we'll have to wait till mid-December to pick up a copy at Radio-Active or Sweat Records, a video for the first song, "Anything You Got," written and performed with This Heart Electric's Ricardo Guerrero, will be up on the web within two weeks. We spoke with the musician about, well, everything, and as we expected, he delivered a raw, thoughtful interview. 

New Times: How'd you get hooked up with Tachyons Records?

Dino Felipe: Logan, he's a somewhat old pal of mine on and offline. He will be uploading a debut video within a couple weeks. He used to be in Telepathic Friend, and plays often at International Noise Conference. 

Who shot the video?

He is creating the video with machines he builds to mess with and manipulate VHS tapes. He is working on it. He also sells these machines, a scientist of sorts.

Do you know which VHS tapes he's going to be working with to make your video?

Nope! I like surprises, and I trust him. In that way. The album is: Dino Felipe - Rockettes, a spoof on the San Francisco Cockettes. They rule. 

Are your songs influenced by the Cockettes' songs?

Nope. I just liked the name "Rockettes" and thought of them, and said "Indeed!" I like their stuff, but no, the album is just a collection of songs from the past three to four years that I was waiting to get released on something tangible as opposed to another digital release. I am very glad this will be on vinyl.

So, I feel like, and correct me if I'm wrong, but your sound's gotten a lot more rock and roll lately. There's more instruments.

Yes, for the past six years, I have slowly gathered and was given instruments by friends who knew I can't afford them, really. And all my old guitars were damaged in the early 2000s. Yes, "rock" has been a theme for me these past five to six years. Like a snake biting its tail, I am regressing and listening to what I did 20 years ago. Sorta like the Mayan calendar, I suppose!

You're getting back to your roots.

Yeah, I guess, and also doing the same ol' random genre comparisons, but this album, as a whole, is essentially rock, the root of it, I don't wanna call it "psych rockadelic pop fusion" the root is rock.

Which is your favorite instrument to play, I know you play drums and guitar.

That's a hard question. I started drums at nine. I love beating the shit outta a drum set as opposed to someones face. Guitar and drums have their own exorcism to them. Physical: Drums. Emotional: Guitar. At least, for me. I love those two instruments. I use my synth when recording, but that is its own alien.

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