Denzel Aquarius Killa Curry Won't Tell Who's Singing on His Upcoming Mixtape Nostalgic 64

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An obvious inspiration of yours is Houston rap, but sometimes I hear Big L in your raps. Do you get down to L, and NY rap in general?
Of course, some of the first underground rappers I heard when I was in seventh grade was from NY, so yes. And I'm a big fan of Big L, God rest his soul. He was the reason why I like switching up flows because he was so good at it.
Tell me a bit about The LVND and what message you were trying to get across. What inspired you to make a short film?
The film is basically how I see things in my subconscious, like a psychological thriller basically, and dark twisted fantasy inspired it. If I do make another thing like The LVND, it will be more epic.

I saw you a while back at Ricochet Lounge with Simmie and the crew, and it was a wild show. Do you think there's a whole other element to your music when you do it live? Like I know this is Simmie's tune, but Florida Nigga Mentality goes off on another level when you hear it at a club.
I think there is, because one time, when I finished performing with a friend of mine named Lowa Letta Lofty, he told me it reminded him of some Wu-Tang Clan shit, and I was like that's cool.
We saw a photo with you and Earl Sweatshirt a while back. Are you doing some collabo work with OFWGKTA?

Mike G. is going to be on the tape. I sent him the track and called him. He said he liked it, and said he was going get it done soon as I send him the one with vocals. So that was dope, and I'm also a big fan of O.F.

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