Cop City/Chill Pillars on Creep Rock, Sexual Frustration, and Getting Hosed

It seems like there's a lot more sexual alienation. I'm thinking of the line, "You never saw the back of the house."
Jimmy: It's always been a consistent theme, but I would agree that it's more prevalent on Hosed.
C.J.: "The back of the house" is trying to be a little creepy. Not like shock rock, but in a way that would really creep someone out if you said it. Same with, "Just stand there." We don't really have set parameters for anything. The new songs we're working on now, we're tightening up and trying to write the lyrics, which we've got pretty much together. I brought a little bit of a skeleton as far as rhyme schemes, or even one word that gets used a lot. But then it's like, "Hey, can you guys think of anything to fit in here?" It's pretty collaborative, more than ever.

When we first started we didn't all sing the way we do now. The idea of a lead singer is weird, so it's become less and less of a thing as we've gotten more comfortable singing with each other. The rhythm of the singing is more important than what we're singing. Although, I think we do make an effort to have ongoing ambiguity. Sometimes, I do feel like I'm telling people: "Just stand there." I can get in a mood where I feel like I'm saying that to someone in the dark. You're never saying it the same way.

You have pretty consistent thematics and turns of phrase. Is there a character psycholoigy that goes into these lyrics? You've mentioned being "creepy" a few times.
They come really fast. I always want to sit down and write more and just have a pile of words and cut them out. We try to avoid a lot of unnecessary pronouns. And it's not necessarily from the first person, but it could be. I think we try to encompass something very plainspoken turned into poetry without trying to be profound or highbrow.

You tour the garage rock circuit, but I actually think you guys are a little more experimental than most of the bills you end up on. At the end of the day, is it all just rock 'n' roll? Or do you consider Cop City to be more of an avant-garde exercise?
Jimmy: I definitely lean toward the second one.
Jordan: A lot of stuff has already happened, ya know? Might as well do our own thing. We hang out with each other all the time and it just comes pretty natural. I kind of forget that we sound weird.

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