Top Ten Nightlife Events of 2012 in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach County

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Photo by Betsey J. Denberg
2. Tattooers and Illustrators Art Show at 15 West, Fort Lauderdale
There is without a doubt an endless amount of art shows happening throughout the course of the year. And to attend them all is an impossible task. But, when I heard that an old friend of mine was curating this show, I just had to check it out. Despite it being at this weird nightclub -- which is now closed -- it didn't take away from the event at all. I loved how it highlighted so many of the amazing and talented tattoo artists who reside in the South Florida area.

Photo by Ian Witlen

1. 5 Points Lounge Grand Opening Party in Fort Lauderdale
In Fort Lauderdale, we really are lacking in the local music scene venue department. Sure, we've got some big show venues, but it'd be nice to have some smaller places that double as a hangout. Following the closing of the Monterey Club, the folks over at Kreepy Tiki Tattoos gave the space next door a face lift.  

For their grand opening party, what felt like all of South Florida came out to celebrate the new tiki-inspired bar. With Diablo Dimes and Everymen on stage, the room was packed to the gills. Still going strong, here's hoping for another great year at 5 Points Lounge.

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