Best and Worst of the S.S. Coachella

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Ian Witlen
Girl Talk mixing Tyga "Rack City" with Amerie's "1 Thing." Gregg Gillis is one of those DJs who looks like he's having a good time while making everyone else actually have a great time. It's like you feel so many things when listening to his music. You're pleased that you recognize the songs, then you want to jam to the song you know, and then you're like, wait, this is a whole freaking new song!

Anyway, he wove some truly stellar tunes, but the one that made me giddy was a mashup of Tyga's "Rack City" and Amerie's "1 Thing." It was really late, so maybe it was "Rack City" with another one of my favorite dance songs, but I'm thinking this was the magical Girl Talk moment I'd been anticipating.

Ian Witlen
More, please! 
!!!. Goldenvoice did a fantastic job booking some of the most relevant and entertaining live acts. Even if you weren't thrilled with all of the music, there wasn't one lackluster performance onboard. And if you get a chance to see !!!, never miss it.

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