Five Best South Florida Christmas Songs

2. Flo Rida and Trey Songz - "Jingle Bells"
The advantage of not having a television for a long time and not having the physique that allows for shopping at certain stores is that this little Johnny-come-lately had no idea about this musical commercial for the Gap. Why does Flo Rida insist on driving imaginary vehicles? This was downright scary but that is one cozy looking scarf.

1. Blowfly - "The Twelve Lays of Christmas"
Even though this has all been in good fun and in the spirit of the holidays, we must end it righteously and with true intent. And South Florida's never had a better spokesperson to deliver cheer than the almighty Blowfly. On behalf of the 'Fly and all of us here at County Grind, we wish you a sloppy and sexy holiday season!

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