Five Best South Florida Christmas Songs

4. The Skyywalker All-Stars - "It's Christmas"
Straight from Uncle Luke's 1987 compilation cassette the Bass Waves compilation comes an old school toast to Christmas featuring the vocals of DJ Man, LeJuan Love, Anquette, and the 2 Live Crew. This is the kind of jam that will get grandma hiking up her knickers and rocking a saggy-drop bump and grind.

3. Jeff Neiman - "The Christmas Song"
Sometimes we troll for hidden gems and come across little miracles of this caliber. Homeboy has a sweet beard, flowing rivulets of mullet hair and some downright awesome braces. But who is Jeff Neiman? Is he this guy or is he this lawyer? Who is Lisa LaCross and more importantly, who comprises the Magic City staff? A little holiday mystery!

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