5 Celebrities You Forgot Were on Boy Meets World

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2. Kerri Russell
In her second role ever, the future Felicity had the esteemed honor of playing Mr. Feeny's niece.  Eric with his horndog ways, uses his sister as a ploy to take Russell out on an fancy date to the carnival. Thank you Kerri Russell, for your humility, but mostly for your hair.

1. Adam Scott
Baby-faced Adam Scott tops our list. As bad boy Griff Hawkins, Scott stole Harley's lackeys in a particularly riveting performance. The funny man has since moved on to some actually amazing roles, proving his stint on BMW back in 1995 was merely a stepping stone. Whether he's singing "Sweet Child O'Mine" in Step Brothers, or making us all swoon as Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation, we salute you, Adam Scott, for proving that meager beginnings don't mean shit.

Bring it on Girl Meets World! We will be shouting "Fa fa fa Feenyyyy" in every bar until then.

The show will air on the Disney Channel at some point in the future. 

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