5 Celebrities You Forgot Were on Boy Meets World

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4.  Marguerite Moreau
Thought we aren't quite sure how to pronounce her name, we do know that Marguerite Moreau is a badass. Ironically, this now seasoned character actor got her first break on Ben Savage's big bro's show, The Wonder Years. Moreau hasn't had any need to look back since The Mighty Ducks launched her into the spotlight. On BMW, she played one of Eric's many sexual conquests.

Moreau has continued with small roles in big shows like Lost, Mad Men, and Shameless, plus countless other random slutty characters. Our favorite? Her role alongside Paul Rudd in the camp cult classic Wet Hot American Summer.

3.  Michael McKean
Fun fact: Topanga's dad was played by three different actors! Yes, three! Talk about daddy issues. But indeed the most notable is, our hero, Michael McKean, the great David St. Hubbins himself. Along with his real life wife Annette O' Toole, the couple appeared in only one episode, so no, these don't go to 11.

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