Zach Deputy on His Live Performances: "I'm Still Just Winging It"

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Yes, all four microphones have a purpose.
Zach Deputy, a festival, jam band, and music-that-makes-you-feel-good scene institution, will bring his one-man act to Funky Buddha Lounge tonight. If you've never been to one of his concerts, be warned: It's impossible not to have a dopey grin on your face while simultaneously stamping your feet throughout the entirety of the set. His vibe is completely and totally infectious. 

Deputy's stage presence is unparalleled, and unrivaled at that, because he is the only musician up there. Armed with a guitar, he snuggles himself into a cocoon of synths, microphones, loop machines, and pedals, emitting a sound so powerful one can hardly believe it's coming from just one man. Through each song, multi-layered guitar picking and beat-boxing steadily loops and gains momentum and pounds beneath soaring, soulful vocals in a funkadelic delight that has brought him legions of fans over the years. 

I caught up with the funkadelic delight at home in Georgia on Tuesday, and he took a break from playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with his daughter to talk shop. 

New Times: How was your Thanksgiving? 

Zach Deputy: It was great, because I got to go see my mama. I was actually at home for the first time in four years, so I got to go eat with my mom and see my brother and his family. 

What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish? 

I like it all. But this year, my mom asked me what I wanted and I said, "I'd really like you to make fried chicken instead of turkey." And that's what she did. There's nothing better than my mother's fried chicken... I gotta get it when I can get it, ya know?

There's also a bunch of standards at my house: Macaroni n' cheese, mashed potatoes, candied yams, banana pudding, and broccoli casserole. But we did something crazy this year and had fried chicken. It was cool, because I had thanksgiving without the comatose feeling from the turkey. I kept on waiting to pass out, but it didn't happen. Turkey is all right and all, but I knew that the fried chicken would be... on point.

So there wasn't any chicken pot pie at Thanksgiving? Is it your mom's recipe that you sing about [in the popular song, "Chicken Pot Pie"]?

Well, I originally wrote that song more out of frustration because the only thing to eat at my mom's house was chicken pot pie. It was not because I liked it. This particular chicken pot pie which inspired that song, had been in the freezer for a questionable amount of years. We never actually knew how long it had been there. That chicken pot pie watched me grow up. 

Last time I was at my parents' place, I used 12-year-old caramel to bake brownies. 

Doesn't caramel get better with age?

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