UR1 Festival Postponed (UPDATE)

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Update: UR1 organizers claim that the festival isn't canceled, but rather postponed due to strong winds... It's on the Bay, so that'll be anytime, but this is apparently a lingering Hurricane Sandy excuse. Sounds fishy. We're thinking this happened more because of competing Basel madness. 

Anyway, Miami New Times is reporting that ticket holders can get refunds or hold on for the new dates. And there's a third option. Since these acts'll be booked elsewhere around town, organizers will work with those other venues to get ticket holders access to shows. Sounds relatively confusing? It is. 

Again, we'll keep you abreast of any developments. 

Earlier Post: Word on the web is that the upcoming UR1 Festival has been canceled. 

The Kanye-headlined music event was set to take over Miami's Bayfront Park during Art Basel Miami Beach but Miami.com and others are saying it ain't gonna happen. 

UR1 hasn't confirmed yet whether or not the show will go on, but it's looking like a no go. The reason for canceling? Apparently, low ticket sales. Not everyone was thrilled with the lineup, but also, there's so much happening during the Basel week, and the cost of flights and hotels are likely outrageous. Guess not everyone had the dough or interest to watch Lou Reed shake his bon bon with Biscayne Bay as the backdrop. 

We'll keep up updated as news comes in. 

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lonianderson1979 topcommenter

leave it to Miami to fuck this up! Hurricane Sandy!?!?! Give me a break!


Why is it that Miami can't pull off a festival unless it involves shitty house music and copious amounts of drugs?


That's ridiculous. You can't just postpone a festival, and expect everybody to come back next month. Also, I wish they would name one single lingering effect of Hurricane Sandy down here.


@tanbudfox haha. May not sell out with those two on the ticket, but you’d definitely have one super fan present.

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