Top 15 Art Basel Miami Beach Music Events (Updated)

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2. Basel Castle
This Basel Castle shit is cray. Usually a massive booming space filled with all the bass your ears can't handle, this year, it seems they're including the Jacuzzi Boys? Maybe this'll be their EDM debut. Bring earplugs and whatever it is that gets you all fucked up. 

Last year, I topped off Basel at the Overthrow guys' Hard 2 Leave party at Gold Rush, the strip club. Spent too much money, saw too much skin. 'Twas a great time. Hopefully, they have another cheaper one this year. 

Basel Castle 2012. With Purity Ring, Twin Shadow, Trinidad James, Brenmar, Jacuzzi Boys, Teengirl Fantasy, Nick Catchdubs, Donnis, Oliver, and more. 6 p.m. Overthrow Castle, 51 NW 20th St., Miami. Free before 8 p.m. with RSVP; priority tickets sold out. Visit

1. Flying Lotus, Zola Jesus, Dan Deacon
If you haven't seen Dan Deacon's video created by Miami-to-L.A. artist Jen Stark, you've never lived. So, look up there, press play, and enjoy. This will undoubtedly be the "cool" post-UR1 party of the year. Don't miss it. 

The Windish Agency presents Flying Lotus. With Zola Jesus and Dan Deacon. 11 p.m. Grand Central, 697 N Miami Ave., Miami. Tickets cost $20 plus fees via Call 305-377-2277 or visit

Other events we suggest: 
Tilly and the Wall. 9 p.m., Dec. 6 at the Stage, 170 NE 38 Street, Miami. 

Rakim. With Problem Kids and ArtOfficial, 9 p.m., Dec. 7 at the Stage170 NE 38 Street, Miami. 

Chromatics. With Prince Rama, 8 p.m., Dec. 7, Gusman Center, 174 East Flagler, Miami. 

Moksha Art Fair. From Dec. 5 to 8, there will be art and music. On Dec. 8 catch acts like Dusthead and Sounduo. 

Best event to sneak into: 
MOCA L.A. at the Raleigh
Figure it out. 

Honorable Sunday, Dec. 9 Mentions: 
We know you'll be too tired to move on Sunday, but in case you are 20 years old, on tons of drugs, or are totally determined to ruin your mental health with art and dance, then we've got two extra parties for you. 

Tiki Disco
Again, Gramps. They're doing it all this weekend. Bringing down outdoor, New York day party Tiki Disco with DJs Andy Pry, Eli Escobar, and Unemployed lloyd. 

Tiki Disco at Gramps,3 p.m. 174 NW 24th St., Miami. Free.

Addition: Le Swag Dos
End the art with some swag on South Beach. This affair is hosted by 
Let's end the Art Basel festivities with a chic South Beach affair New York's Danii Phae and Oakland's GitaSpeax. Music by Power 96's DJ Springer and Fergie, and Atlanta's DJ Genesis

Le Swag Dos at 9 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 9 at Q Lounge, 841 Washington Ave. Miami Beach. RSVP at 

George Clinton 
You will need George to bring you that funk with the massive hangover you'll be nursing. 

With Jona Cerwinske. Bardot Miami, 3456 N Miami Ave., Miami. Call 305-576-55770 or visit

For my and friends' past coverage of Art Basel Miami Beach and a few laughs, a survival guide, a thank God it's over post, my 2010 guide, my 2011 guide, and highlights from last year's Basel.

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The better Gramps party is on  Friday (12/7). It is the SPIN Magazine party with Araabmuzik, Mr Mfn Exquire, Hundred Waters, Bondax, Kilo Kish, Amtrac, Samo Soundboy, Metro Zu, and some secret guests.It is being done in conjunction with Primary Flight and Church of Holy Colors

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