Top 10 Workout Songs for Burning Holiday Calories

3. Wu-Tang Clan - "Shame On a Nigga"
Who needs personal trainers and fancy gym memberships when you can beef up with a little Shaolin shadowboxing? R.I.P. Dirt McGirt!

2. Olivia Newton Jon - "Physical"
Why are we doing hundreds of push-ups every morning? Because we wanna look good. We wanna look fine. And why do we wanna look fine? 'Cause we wanna get laid. That's also why we take aerobics, yoga, and feverishly scour the internet for deals on spandex at strange hours of the night as sweat grows on our forehead and hair on our palms and the bags under our eyes turn a shade of purple darker than the darkest night. 

1. Survivor - "Eye of the Tiger"

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