Top 10 Workout Songs for Burning Holiday Calories

7. Gorillaz - "Feel Good Inc."
Nothing like a little mall music to get that ol' adrenaline pumping.

6. Michael Jackson - "Beat It"
The King of Pop has a few jams worth exercising to. But "Beat It" reigns supreme when it comes to the perfect balance of tempo, energy, and a hook so devastating it's like an atom bomb.

5. OutKast - "B.O.B."
Andre 3000 and Big Boi defined the post-gangsta, pre-hipster, proto-swag rap music of the early 2000s. Maybe you should let this ballistic party anthem define your next set of pull-ups? 

4. Ozzy Osbourne - "Crazy Train"
A man who has snorted, smoked, and filled anal suppositories with an entire kilo of cocaine may greatly resemble one who has just run a marathon in record-breaking time. We would estimate that the Ozman has run millions of miles in blow.

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