Top 10 Palm Beach County Rappers

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2. Eric Biddines

His look is kinda funny. His voice is kinda funny. But his lyricism is no joke. And neither is the respect he's earned by his hip-hop counterparts.

Looked to for advice by some of the latter artists, PlanetCoffeeBean's founder has earned his mark as a hip-hop veteran in PBC by consistently providing fans with local shows and an ability tell stories relative to his environment such as the title track for The Frozen Lake EP.

1. Will Brennan

Will Brennan. Was there another option for number one?

A few years removed from his first mixtape, Will Brennan has undoubtedly built a buzz far exceeding the expectations of a typical Palm Beach County rapper. In the process, he has done a find job taking his talents outside of the county by collaborating with South Florida favorites J. Nics, QuESt, and SIN, performing live at the A3C Festival in Atlanta, and more recently, opening up for Curren$y in Pompano and Dom Kennedy in Miami.

Brennan's Prodigal Son mixtape came with as much praise for his growth, beat selection, and content as the amount of anticipation it built.

Not bad for a University of Florida dropout. 

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Rotflmao! this is the top 10....this is just ALL wrong! PCC, Eric Biddness belong. But missing Vinci , Lee Castro you did not do your research son.


title should read, "Top 10 rapist in Palm Beach."

Purely non researched and unintelligible words.  What bad taste in music and clothes. 


@guzziegutta2008 bro snapped on this track n this not even his new...Smh Palm Beach gon learn today lol


@ReedFischer lee didn't do his research. Nicely worded though. He missed the real artist in palm beach...Vinci. Don't believe me watch the video above. That's just a snippet without any if his music videos, short films, or YouTube videos


You should post I go off by Vinci

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