Top 10 Palm Beach County Rappers

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4. Rook

Known for being punch-line savvy, the Connecticut-born emcee Rook made his name better known after becoming a nominee at the annual Palm Beach Music and Entertainment Awards.

Rook recently released his second mixtape, The Neverending Summer, in August with a feature by underground favorite Termanology and hosted by mixtape giant Evil Empire.

3. Rel. B

His buzz may be flying under the radar, but his lyrical ability is not.

A transplant from Brooklyn, Rel. B has gained some notoriety through various blogs with his videos for "Back It Up" and "Picture Perfect" which led to his debut mixtape, It's Not Braggin', released on October 18.

And if you were lucky enough to see Rel B. perform in the second cypher for the last Brown Bag Wednesday, then future tongue-lashings will be no surprise.

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daishamw 2 Like

Rotflmao! this is the top 10....this is just ALL wrong! PCC, Eric Biddness belong. But missing Vinci , Lee Castro you did not do your research son.

HiDonkey 2 Like

title should read, "Top 10 rapist in Palm Beach."

Purely non researched and unintelligible words.  What bad taste in music and clothes. 

ReedFischer editor

Nice one, Lee! 

daishamw 2 Like

@ReedFischer lee didn't do his research. Nicely worded though. He missed the real artist in palm beach...Vinci. Don't believe me watch the video above. That's just a snippet without any if his music videos, short films, or YouTube videos

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