Top 10 Palm Beach County Rappers

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6. Makiin

Let's be honest, if female emcees aren't dressed like Willow Smith is their stylist, then they usually go unnoticed. But don't let fashion have you overlooking Megan "Makiin" Belcher.

A strong believer in female empowerment, Makiin has executed her message without subjecting herself to skimpy clothing. The same attitude has her standing in the same circle with some of those on this list like Jedstarz Cypher Part 2.

5. 1Hot

Though not recognized well south of Palm Beach County, the Boynton Beach-native has built a more solid foundation further north in Tallahassee where he once attended college.

One listen to any of his projects, and there's no doubt 1Hot possess the makings of a Billy Blue or Trick Daddy. He's more than capable of finding his nitch with lyrlics like:

Niggas want to see me die/They Killed Pac at 25/Only 24 now/ Keep it loaded when I ride. 

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daishamw 2 Like

Rotflmao! this is the top 10....this is just ALL wrong! PCC, Eric Biddness belong. But missing Vinci , Lee Castro you did not do your research son.

HiDonkey 2 Like

title should read, "Top 10 rapist in Palm Beach."

Purely non researched and unintelligible words.  What bad taste in music and clothes. 

ReedFischer editor

Nice one, Lee! 

daishamw 2 Like

@ReedFischer lee didn't do his research. Nicely worded though. He missed the real artist in palm beach...Vinci. Don't believe me watch the video above. That's just a snippet without any if his music videos, short films, or YouTube videos

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