Top 10 Palm Beach County Rappers

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Maybe Miami and Fort Lauderdale get all the South Florida attention, but their somewhat smaller location sibling, Palm Beach County, shouldn't be forgotten. Especially when it comes to hip-hop.

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PBC acts, though they possess the same level of talent, seem to have a harder time gaining any solid notority from listeners outside of their county. This is either because they have become complacent with their local fame or outsiders just don't know they're there. If the latter is the case, we're here to help. What follows are the top 10 rappers out of Palm Beach County that you need to be listening to. 

10.  Iggy G

Part of the up-and-coming record label MBassy Records, Iggy G has slowly begun to create a buzz in Palm Beach County over the past year with fun tracks like "Bounce," "While We're Young," and "Livin' Like I Should."

Iggy definitely has the look and rhyming capabilities to make a bigger splash in 2013; the only thing holding him back is a solo project. Don't worry, Young And Comfortable is coming soon.

9. Paper Chasing Committee (PCC)

Groups, no matter what genre, have fazed out since the days of Outkast, 'NSync, Spice Girls, and Goodie Mobb. But Vandam Bodyslam, Mic Check, Stay Fly, and Breezy Bree seem to have a set formula that resists the extinction.

With a few mixtapes under their belt, including We Got Next, We All In, and Paper Chaser Party,  released in February, the rap quartet has made their rounds performing in Belle Glades, Pahokee, and Tallahassee, collecting a regional fan base that is in a stage of constant growth.

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Rotflmao! this is the top 10....this is just ALL wrong! PCC, Eric Biddness belong. But missing Vinci , Lee Castro you did not do your research son.


title should read, "Top 10 rapist in Palm Beach."

Purely non researched and unintelligible words.  What bad taste in music and clothes. 


@guzziegutta2008 bro snapped on this track n this not even his new...Smh Palm Beach gon learn today lol


@ReedFischer lee didn't do his research. Nicely worded though. He missed the real artist in palm beach...Vinci. Don't believe me watch the video above. That's just a snippet without any if his music videos, short films, or YouTube videos


You should post I go off by Vinci

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