Top 10 Black Metal Songs for This Blackest of Fridays

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As hoards of consumers move to rape, pillage, and assault the retail world of its wares (and the nerves of the poor, unfortunate souls of its employ) we are sitting here, in our elastic waistband-equipped pants, pondering the ugliness that "door-busters" and "deep, deep discounts" can bring out in the masses. Our thoughts wander to the Black Friday protests being waged by Wal-Mart employees this year, the headlines of shopping related deaths in years past, and all of the generally deplorable behavior people display around this time of year to save a few bucks on consumer electronics. 

But the truth of the matter is that our economy still needs a boost, and rather than decry the horrors of holiday-special warfare, we prefer to offer some sonics to our readership to give you the violent edge you're going to need while throwing elbows and cutting lines today. So, grab a cup of (black) coffee and whatever scant few shreds remain of this year's dignity, fire up the family trvckster and roll out with the speakers melting -- here is your Blackest of Fridays black metal playlist.

10. 1349 - "Perished in Pain" 
Fast, Norwegian, and pissed. This band took their name from the year the bubonic plague reached Norway. 

9. God Seed - "Carving a Giant" 
This is a Gorgoroth song played by most of Gorgoroth under the name God Seed, which was adopted after a lawsuit that resulted from the departure of founding member Infernus. This performance features what is in our opinion, the ideal set for a black metal performance. The numbers circulating the web claim around 80 liters of goat's blood were utilized here. If you aren't compelled to chug a 2 liter of Mountain Dew and attack a mall cop around the 2 minute mark, you should check your pulse. 

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Joey Blank
Joey Blank

Nice, Throw in a little Sargeist and Ipsum and you have a hell of a list!!! :) BLACK METAL LOVE!!!!!

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