Title Fight with Single Mothers and Pianos Become the Teeth - The Talent Farm, Pembroke Pines - November 18

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Single Mothers were about to take the stage to a full room of cheers. Vocalist Andrew Thomson was jumping around the stage as the band played their song "Runaways." The punk-y spoken verse, fuzzy guitars, and warm tones of the rhythm section were accompanied by the audience clapping along. Thomson's spoken verses were quick and conversational, as if he were talking to each audience member. The band played "Winter Coats" with explosive build ups until each member was bobbing back and forth with wide grins.

This was the band's second time playing the Talent Farm, explained Thomson. "We're really happy to be back here," he said. The band closed with arguably their most well-known song, "Christian Girls," and the overall solemn crowd instantly started pushing each other for a chance at singing along. "It was a lot of fun, 100 times better than the last time we played here," said Evan Redsky, Single Mothers' bassist. "This venue is quite unique, so it was awesome to have it packed and it was just a good time."

Ambient hardcore band Pianos Become the Teeth were next on the bill. At almost 9, the band took the stage to an applauding crowd. From the second the band began, the members instantly started flailing their bodies as the audience threw their fists in the air. Drummer David Haik is a monster. That's not just coming from us, Title Fight drummer, Ben Russin told us so before the show. Haik whipped out quick intricate fills full of angst and passion as vocalist Kyle Durfey's lyrics penetrate the audience while they screamed along, word for word. The band played songs like "Good Times" to small pileups at the front of the stage while Durfey threw his head back and forth, his long black hair following.

Bassist, Zac Sewell held out a long ominous chord as Durfey talked to the crowd. "I've spent the past two hours trying not to shit my pants, but you guys have already made me feel a little better." The band played more songs, showcasing their ability to jump to different tempos and time signatures with ease.

As Title Fight set up, the room became more and more cramped. A look into the green room next to the stage showed Pianos Become the Teeth looking dead. They were sprawled across the floor, drying their hair with their T-shirts, and breaking down what's left of their equipment.  

The crowd was wall to wall, including people standing on the benches on both sides of the room, and sitting on the stair cases. Rhoden laughed as fans perched on the staircases photographing the band's set list. The phrase "crowd surf" is well known, but never had we seen such a direct example of a crowd resembling an ocean. Audience members created choppy waves, flying over each other as the band played an earlier song, "Youreyeah." Bodies climbed up the sides of the stage just to launch themselves off as the band played an even mix of both old and new songs for their wide variety of fans.

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The Talent Farm Studios - CLOSED

20911 Johnson St., Pembroke Pines, FL

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Thanks for the great review Emily!

Keep up the good work!

I love watching Title Fight and whatever other band that they bring to South Florida!  Just wish that all who came were able to see them play!  The Talent Farm and Kevin Burns and his staff do a great job also!

Once again,

Thank you for the review!

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