Title Fight with Single Mothers and Pianos Become the Teeth - The Talent Farm, Pembroke Pines - November 18

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"We're going to have to turn away a bunch of these people," said John McHale, the guy who booked the Title Fight show at the Talent Farm. Two lines poured out behind the open door -- one for people with tickets and one for people still trying to buy tickets. Both were about 100 people strong as of 6 p.m.  Faces young and old eagerly waited to squeeze inside the warehouse venue.

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Title Fight fans with tickets yelled to the ticket-less "LOCALS ONLY" and "No Newbies!" as the group of 20-something-year-olds and under waited in line. The catch was that only 250 tickets were available. "No more tickets at the door, that's it, sorry," yelled McHale to the line -- no one budges. "I caught a kid trying to sell his wrist band. He was negotiating offers. I talked to him [and] explained to him 'like ultimately, I can't stop you, but what you're doing is unethical.' And he was cool about it. Rare," McHale told us later.

About 15 minutes later, Title Fight was sound checking one of their newer songs, "Lefty."   Feedback emerged from the speakers as guitarist/vocalist Jamie Rhoden strumed his white Gibson Les Paul casually. He wore a grey and red striped tee, tan colored jeans, and a brown knit beanie. Opening band Single Mothers was setting up their equipment on the floor to lift onto stage once Title Fight was done warming up. "We were playing demo 03-04 up here," said Rhoden with a smile to the members of Single Mothers. Title Fight has been together since the boys were in sixth grade. Rhoden sat on the stage, his legs dangling off the platform, taking in the atmosphere.

He compared the warm temperature here to that of hometown Pennsylvania, where he said it was 27 degrees. Bandmate and drummer, Ben Russin (who we spoke with) joined Rhoden, clad in a hardcore band, Cruel Hand 2010 tour shirt. The band quietly broke down as Russin chimed in, "maybe it won't be as hot here tonight." His optimism was sweet, but not very realistic.

The ticket-less people were being let in two at a time to either buy band merch, or use the bathroom. Owner of the Talent Farm, Kevin Burns was running sound. An hour later, the lights went dim inside and fans flooded into the lobby. It was packed with Floridians getting ready for our version of "hoodie weather," and the oh-so-predictable bathroom line stretching from the side wing, into the main room. "It's already getting hot and no one's even fucking playing yet," said a random face in the lobby. Hate to say we told you so Russin, but...

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The Talent Farm Studios - CLOSED

20911 Johnson St., Pembroke Pines, FL

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Thanks for the great review Emily!

Keep up the good work!

I love watching Title Fight and whatever other band that they bring to South Florida!  Just wish that all who came were able to see them play!  The Talent Farm and Kevin Burns and his staff do a great job also!

Once again,

Thank you for the review!

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