Thurston Moore's Top 10 Greatest Non-Sonic Youth Hits

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5. Thurston Moore: Music Video Director
Did you know he directed the music video for Pavement's "Here?" Thurston Moore is the godfather of indie rock. To quote Ian MacKaye the guy who invented hardcore, emo, and straight-edge, "What the fuck have you done?"

4. Thurston Moore: Noise Dude
Depending on your tolerance for avant-harsh, the above clip is either an anti-drug commercial or an abstractly coded endorsement of Mary Jane, Lucy, Molly, and all those other kinda girls, if ya know what we mean.

3. To Live and Shave in Thurston Moore
Right before cult Miami noise outfit, To Live and Shave in L.A. -- founded by vocalist Tom Smith and South Florida music fixture, Rat Bastard -- imploded for, like, the third or fourth time, it swelled to super group status with the addition of freak music vets like Moore, producer Don Fleming, and, yes, Andrew W.K.

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